Stand Up! Speak Out! 2024

Solidarity Knows No Borders Training Series

We won’t let our public services become a tool of hostile immigration enforcement. It’s time to stand up and speak out!

Join our free, online training series to resist the Hostile Environment in public services.

Get skills and knowledge to act in solidarity for migrant justice.

Whether you are working in public sector services like social care, health care, housing, schools, or in charities and community settings, we all have a part to play in building a better world.

Last year we trained over 1000 people – in 2024 we’re back with more resources to resist the hostile environment. Sessions include: asylum system 101; everyday borders; rights information to access healthcare; skills to fight for housing justice; ideas for collective care; climate justice and migrant justice.

Session Leaders: Stand Up, Speak Out is led by an incredible community of people directly impacted by the hostile environment, frontline staff from migrant rights organisations, specialists, academics, community leaders and national organising networks.

Attend one or as many relevant sessions as you would like.

The full programme with info on over 20+ sessions available here.

Why should I attend?

“This seminar series could change someone’s life.

As an asylum seeker, I always wondered what could’ve happened if I wasn’t failed by the system. What could’ve happened if I was asked the right questions by my social worker, and an action was taken to help me before I turned 18 with my status.

This seminar series is very personal to me as it gives me the opportunity to let people in power gain more understanding on how to help young asylum seekers. Our voices, our stories deserve to be heard and understood by those with the ability to enact change. In the hopes that our needs are met with compassion and action and my hope for a world where the right actions lead to brighter outcomes for all.” -Fatima, Young Migrants Matter

About the Organisers

The Stand Up, Speak Out seminar series is organised by Social Workers Without Borders, Positive Action for Refugees and Asylum Seekers (PAFRAS) and Migrants Organise as part of the Solidarity Knows No Borders community.

Session leaders and facilitators include: Maternity Action, Migration Work, Climate Justice Coalition, Claiming Space, Deighton Pierce Glynn, Leeds Anti Raids, KIND UK, Right to Remain, Red Cross, ASAP, SLR-A, Positive Action, Contextual Safeguarding Across Border Project, ECPAT UK, Southall Black Sisters, Patients Not Passports.

A special thank you to Young Migrants Matter – the PAFRAS youth ambassadors.

Watch: Over one thousand people joined the 2023 Stand Up, Speak Out Series. You can watch some of the sessions here.

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